EQUIPE RS Rapidfire Chronosuit S9

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A time trial skinsuit that shaves seconds and sheds drag with innovative refinements to form, fabric, and the functional gains the two provide.

Product description

When we look at the Rapidfire, we don’t see a jersey/bib skinsuit combo. We see years of development and WorldTour feedback. We see hours in the wind tunnel developing the Cube textile that adds aerodynamics to the skinsuit’s upper and countless days obsessing over the confident compression and silky, second-skin properties that would come to define the woven Type.701kompressor material used for the skinsuit’s bottoms. Not even the zipper—moved to the back and offset to preserve the leading edge’s aerodynamics—and the collar—omitted altogether to reduce drag—escaped our attention. We took our sweet time engineering the Rapidfire to ensure you take less time contre la montre.


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Technical features


The bottoms wrap your legs in Type.701kompressor, a woven textile whose breathability and second-skin stretch is only matched by its abrasion resistance and compressive hold. The Cube fabric constituting the upper was born in a wind tunnel, but its woven jacquard 3D-structure ensures moisture management, breathability, and gentle compression aren’t casualties of aerodynamics.

Our aeroFit for skinsuits features our Falken Cut across the middle for a clean transition between upper and bottom, maximizing suit-wide aerodynamics. Restrictive on foot, but clicks into place in an aggressive cockpit.

Butterfly Pattern: A single main textile panel wraps the lower back and legs, reducing seams and providing a more uniform compression across the Rapidfire’s bottom half.

Raw-Cut Legs: Pushes clean lines and aerodynamics to the extreme with a smooth wrap finished with silicone dots for grip.

Mesh Radio Pocket: Team communications, motivational playlist, or podcasts—whatever audio you’re setting your ride to, the discreet radio pocket on the back panel keeps the source secure.

CHRONO RS Insert:Chrono-specific insert in 3D basalt colorway. 3cm shorter than EQUIPE RS S9 in the back, with targeted thickness at the front for optimal comfort and support in the more aggressive forward riding position.

goldenGate:A stitching pattern that anchors the front and back but lets the insert’s body float, allowing the chamois to move with your body rather than against it.

superAir microShock foam: A light, shock-absorbing foam that springs back to its original shape, filling the gaps that open and close between body and chamois during the pedal stroke.