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White Panther

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Insure your toes against the wind with the fuguSpeer windproof socks.

Product description

Cutting through the wind as you pedal, your toes can chill quickly. Keep them happy with a comfortable first layer of protection. Worn like traditional socks, the ASSOS fuguSpeer cycling socks feature a windproof and water-resistant panel that wraps the foot. Covering the toes, heel, and achilles, these high performance cycling socks are from the same Stratagon fabric employed in our jackets and provides an additional line of defense to fend off windchill. The second part of the sock is composed of our proprietary thermal yet breathable RXQ fabric. With a brushed internal surface and crisscross structure, this imparts additional warmth without adding volume to ensure a trim fit.


52%PA 14%PP 10%PES 10%EA 7%PU 7%EOL

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