Winter Socks

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Cycling socks with midweight insulation for riding in cold, low-light conditions.

Product description

In cold weather, staying dry is imperative to staying warm, so we engineered a unique yarn that provides midweight insulation while transferring moisture like a summer sock, ensuring the added warmth isn’t lost to clammy chill. We also added a strip of highly visible STL textile on the Achilles and a ring of Winter 3/3 blue around the arch, increasing your visibility on the road and your socks’ visibility in a drawer of black cycling equipment.


60%Polyester 20%Polyamide 16%Cotton 4%Elastane

Technical features


Cotton-wrapped elastomer provides soft, breathable insulation. STL (Spot The Light) incorporates photoluminescent threads to add light to your pedal stroke in low-light conditions.

160-needle construction eliminates seams for a frictionless fit that wraps in gently compressive support, preventing slumping or restrictive pinching at the cuff.
Ribbed Arch:a stable, wrap-around band that provides unmistakable support for the arch of the foot.

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