TRAIL Steinbeisser Rain Jacket

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A waterproof rain jacket designed and tested for the specific demands of trail riding in the harshest, wettest conditions.

Product description

To create a superlight (230g), protective rain jacket for all-mountain riding, we began by taking a page out of our road shell playbook, and recruited its exceptionally breathable, waterproof softshell material, making it the ideal canvas to begin with for our TRAIL Rain Jacket. The next phase involved designing the jacket around our trailFit, which is trim enough to avoid snagging singletrack tree limbs and boulders, yet loose enough to give you a free range of upper body movement. Add fully taped seams throughout, zippered front pockets, and a double-slider zipper to the package, and you have a watertight shell for any and all adventures where rain is in the forecast.


78%Polyester 14%Polyamide 8%Elastane

Technical features


We used our waterproof Schloss Tex softshell for the majority of the jacket’s construction. Stretchy, extremely comfortable and highly packable material, Schloss Tex is a trusted barrier in wet, windy conditions. Found on the hood panel, our patented NEOS LIGHT softshell brings flexibility into the waterproof-breathable equation.

The jacket’s cut and shape have been engineered exclusively for off-road riding. Standing upright yields a light tug across the chest and seemingly long sleeves, yet spread your arms wide to a modern all-mountain bike’s handlebar and hinge forward, and you’ll feel the jacket click perfectly into place. Its scuba-style hood is designed to be worn under the helmet when needed, and features a pass-through section for the helmet strap.
Flex Cuffs: flexible, waterproof cuffs that blend seamlessly with the gloves and make it easy to put on and take off the jacket.

Extended Rear Panel: the extended back panel, which is longer than the front panel, protects the lower back from splash and mud from the wheels.

Double-Slider Zipper: Two-slider zipper for easy ventilation from above or below. Sturdy construction with extra-large puller for easy opening even with gloves on.

DWR: we have finished the jacket with our DWR (Durable Water Repellent) water repellent treatment to add an extra layer of weather protection.

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