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XC Le Vernon Speedsuit

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Your secret weapon for tough XC races, cyclocross circuits, and marathon events where one-piece speed and full-body protection are critical.

Product description

Most one-piece suits are delicate, created to cheat the wind with their barely-there constructions. This is fine for certain applications, but when the conditions get a little more rugged—filled with tree limbs, barriers, and other obstacles—added coverage, protection, and versatility are welcomed with open arms. This was one half of the XC Le Vernon’s original brief; the rest was filled in with the aerodynamic second-skin paneling gleaned from years of making cyclists as fast as possible. To make a suit that would be light, breathable, and super fast, we constructed the top half with a blend of our Type.157 Stripe and Push Pull materials. These two fabrics have a proven track record in our XC and road jerseys, respectively, which is why we brought them together to fuse their best attributes. The lower half employs the same workhorse Type.429 material used in our XC shorts, along with side panels of our abrasion-battling dyneRope. Both of these fabrics thrive in off-road duty, where their robust constru and compressive qualities keep our legs performing at their maximum, even when the going gets tough. In terms of support, our proven OFF-ROAD Insert fit the bill with its strategically placed memory foam, aligned more rearward for the upright riding position taken off-road. Materials sorted, we merged the top and bottom half with clever tacking along the lower left and right abdominals, leaving ample room to ventilate with the full-length zipper and perform “nature breaks” with ease. The rear section features a smooth transition between top and bottom, with three smaller-than-standard pockets for just the minimum race essentials. Paired with a base layer, or worn below added layers, the versatile Le Vernon is your secret weapon for demanding off-road races of varying discipli


47%PL 35%PA 15%EA 3%PE

Technical features

Type.429: A comfortable, lightly compressive textile used for the lower half, engineered with expertise that uses a 4-way stretch to maximize the elasticity of the fabric.

Type.157 Stripe: Applied to the torso, this proprietary breathable and stretchy circular knit textile includes built-in UV protection and odorControl.

Push Pull: The sleeves and upper back is our ASSOS-developed Push Pull warp-knit textile with high UV protection (UPF 50+). Highly breathable, this fine gauge knit with bi-stretch is quick drying and very comfortable.

dyneRope: A high-density woven textile with ripstop weave. Fifteen times stronger than steel, this fiber is blended with a black polyethylene and is strategically placed to protect exposed areas from abrasion.

OFF-ROAD Insert: A patented elastic insert interface, with targeted thickness at the rear for optimal comfort and support in the more upright mountain-bike position.

OFF-ROAD Grippers: Leg band material delivers a lightly compressive and secure hold, free of silicone.

3D waffle: A patented, three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.

goldenGate: A patented technology that interrupts the stitching along both of the insert’s side panels, allowing a more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this sensitive, rotational area.

Raw-Cut Sleeves: A design that creates the smoothest transition possible between the fabric and skin. More comfort and precise hold with less pressure.

Triple Pockets: Our storage design with three smaller-than-standard, flexible pockets optimally located for ease of access.

Full-Length Zipper: A slim central fastener allows full personal adjustment to temperature and exertion.

XC racingFit: An aerodynamic fit patterned for your body’s upright off-road riding and racing positi