EQUIPE RS Bib Shorts Werksteam S9

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The ASSOS Werksteam edition of the race-proven RS Bib Shorts S9, returning with its external rollBars for added stability and butterfly panel for secure, frictionless muscle support.

Product description

Countless hours in the saddle, hyper-focused on the details. Whether it’s seam placement, stitch type, or how textiles react to changes in body temperature, the ASSOS Werksteam is taking note. It’s this selection of riders who brings lab concepts to life, and then drives finished product even further. Such is the case with the Werksteam Bib Shorts, tuned for the performance-minded rider and year-round racer who makes no compromises in fit, function, or style.


80%Polyamide 20%Elastane

Technical features


The main fabric panel is made using Type.441, A patented 40-gauge warp knit, developed specifically for compressive hold and silky comfort.

Constructed using the S9 raceFit platform, the shorts employ our A-Lock Engineering framework for maximum stability and to secure the insert in place as you pedal. Our rollBar bib straps, modified ergoBox, and one-piece Butterfly panel join forces as your weight transfers in the saddle, ensuring frictionless comfort and stability during high-output efforts.

Carbon Xbib:

a single section of elastic material, folded back on itself to form an A-shaped support structure, which generates limited vertical elasticity at the back. Just above the X-joint we employed a more flexible material, incorporating an antibacterial carbon fiber weave to absorb sweat and ensure that it remains flat on the front.

Ultralight Leg Grippers: a new structure on the leg consisting of a Lycra band that adheres to the thigh, without silicone treatment, to ensure a soft, ultralight grip.

pad with a microfiber layer that enhances its antibacterial properties, available in three-dimensional basalt gray. A tribute to the lava rock that gives us strength, stability and courage.

superAir microShock foam: an ultralight, open cellular structure foam with a composition capable of cushioning blows and returning to its original position, filling in the gaps whenever you change your position in the saddle by shifting your weight.

3D waffle: a patented three-layer perforated foam that increases breathability and eliminates excess weight.

goldenGate: a patented technology that interrupts the seams along both side panels of the pad, providing more three-dimensional freedom of movement in this delicate part subject to rotational movements.

kraterCooler: a system with small holes in the front of the pad to increase the passage of air so that your most delicate areas stay cool.

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