EQUIPE RSR Bib Shorts S9

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The most compressive bib shorts for cyclists who live for the bike, are committed to training year-round to achieve personal and competitive goals, and demand more advanced technologies than even our WorldTour riders enjoy.

Product description

Over the past four decades, we’ve continuously reinvented aerodynamics, materials, and inserts, laying the tarmac for every other cycling brand to follow. But we know we’re only as good as your latest ride, so we started over with the EQUIPE RSR S9, shedding grams while developing a new textile, a new fit, and an experience different than anything we’ve ever produced. Targeted stretch and support make them virtually disappear in the saddle, and they’re more durable against aggressive cornering and constant body shifting, despite being lighter than our EQUPIE RS S9 shorts. The EQUIPE RSR S9s are essentially better than pro, taking WorldTour innovations several steps further for the most premium racing and training experience available.


68%PA 32%EA

Technical features


The woven Type.701kompressor textile is unique to the EQUIPE RSR S9 bib shorts. It’s defined by compressive support, second-skin comfort, and maximum abrasion resistance—though it also resists UV rays (UPF 50+) and odor while actively cooling and managing internal moisture.

A-Lock Engineering is our S9 racingFit realized for bib shorts, with every fabric panel, strap, and stitch engineered for stability and confident comfort. ASSOS shorts are legendary; this fit design is why.

Butterfly Pattern: The main textile panel wraps the lower back and legs, reducing seams and providing a more uniform compression across the shorts’ body.

Carbon Xbib: An A-frame bib that limits vertical stretch in the rear, ensuring a confident fit and stabilizing the chamois and main body panel.

Ultralight Leg Grippers: The leg bands feature a silicone treatment woven through the bands themselves, creating a secure hold without restriction or lumpy transitional ridges.

EQUIPE RS Insert: Antibacterial microfiber booster top sheet in 3D basalt colorway. Pays homage to the lava stone that gives us strength, stability, and courage.

goldenGate: A stitching pattern that anchors the front and back but lets the insert’s body float, allowing the chamois to move with your body rather than against it.

superAir microShock foam: A light, shock-absorbing foam that springs back to its original shape, filling the gaps that open and close between body and chamois during the pedal stroke.

kraterCooler: Perforations in the chamois’ leading edge that draw air across the insert to maintain cooling breathability on hot summer days.

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