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Racing eyewear developed with a single wraparound lens that enhances visibility in aggressive road and off-road racing positions.

Product description

Skharab marks the introduction of a new category in ASSOS Eye Protection, tuned specifically for road and off-road racing. It pulls various design cues from our Zegho eyewear, such as its signature rimless profile, fully adjustable nosepiece, and featherlight feel, yet it’s bred more for speed, protection, and visual clarity in changing terrain and shifting light conditions.

Technical features


The tapered, airflow-channeling temples lock the top corners of the lens, wrapping back above the ear for a smooth, secure fit. The lens itself is an impact-resistant nylon, selected primarily for its durability and low weight, offered in both a light-adapting photochromic option and a standard version that’s tuned for medium light. The Skharab is engineered in Switzerland, handmade in Italy, and comes with a protective hard case and cleaning cloth.

Skharab Lens: The single nylon lens features an aerodynamic low-profile shape, while still retaining our signature rimless platform for unobstructed vision and a superlight feel. 100% UV protection, impact-resistant, and BPA-free.

Pluto Grey: Grey photochromic lens that adapts to changing lighting conditions for greater versatility. Light transmission: 77% to 17%. Lighting conditions: low to medium light. Contrast: neutral. Basic lens colour: grey.

>National Red: red shade ideal for bright light conditions. Light transmission: 19%. Lighting conditions: bright light. Contrast: increased. Basic lens colour: grey.

National Blue: blue shade ideal for medium light conditions. Light transmission: 12%. Lighting conditions: medium light. Contrast: increased. Basic lens colour: grey.