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Shorts for training and endurance cycling that eliminate the bulk of obtrusive bib straps, without sacrificing fit security or ride quality.

Product description

Bibs aren’t for everyone, but omitting bib straps risks losing the stability and confidence of maintaining coverage in back and keeping the insert locked into position. We see opportunity where other manufacturers see challenge, and the H.laalalaiShorts’ combination of patterning and materials makes it seem like the answer was easy all along. Beginning at the wide, unrestrictive waistband, the shorts rise across the lower back to eliminate gaps between shorts and jersey and provide an anchor to hold the compressive paneling and insert in place. No need for constant readjusting in either direction. The waistband’s effective minimalism extends through the shorts’ bodies, whose clean aesthetics are the result of function-first design privileging gentle compression, seam reduction, and years-long durability.


80%PA, 20%EA

Technical features


The secret to the shorts’ bib-free security is our Type.439 Diadema textile. Depending on how the material is oriented, it has two rates of stretch, so we dialed the patterning accordingly.

Built for comfort rather than setting PRs, our regularFit is less aggressive than our race-minded aeroFit. This fit makes paying dues in training more bearable so you can net bigger primes come race day.

aeroPatterningFenomeno1: The result of developmental cycles for Olympic skinsuits. Incorporates a single seam on the back of each leg to wrap the legs in gently compressive comfort, reducing friction and irritation during long training sessions.

iceColor: Treated to reflect sunlight and actively cool your legs—especially valuable on long rides beginning on pleasant summer mornings but stretching into stifling summer afternoons.

Half-leg flat grippers: Minimal gripper design that ensures hold across the back hem while the front hem provides stretch to eliminate pinching and restriction.

Laalalai S7 Insert: Constructed with 8mm-thick memory foam, striking the ideal balance between comfort and performance.

goldenGate: A stitching pattern that anchors the front and back but lets the insert’s body float, allowing the chamois to move with your body rather than against it.

ASSOS Waffle: Three layers of foam with perforations and voids that shed weight, increase breathability, and create a structure that compresses and springs to return.

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