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Protect yourself on the coldest rides with this ASSOS weather-resistant hat with added insulation and ear coverage.

Product description

Every fuguHelm consists of 31 Parts: 4 textiles – 21 patterns 6 components. It has a two-layer construction. The first layer, in contact with your head, is made from breathable 4-way stretch ASSOS RXQ thermo insulator fabric. The second layer, covering the first, is the newly developed ASSOS stratagonUltra airBlock fabric. fuguHelm is cut and shaped to contour you head, perfectly protect your ears and incorporates a ventilation system on the front and top. The ear section is worth closer inspection: ASSOS feels itessential that, when riding, your ears are still “connected to”the environment. Meaning that, although you are wearing aWinter hat, fuguHelm lets you hear training partners, externalroad noise and vehicles approaching from behind. In order toachieve “the impossible”, ASSOS invented and has incorporated a 3D honeycomb mesh textile covering for the ears. Thislets air circulate freely around the ear while enabling that sameair to be used as a heat insulator. The unique constructionalloaves to reach your ears almost unobstructed.


49%PA, 24%PES, 13%EA, 11%PU, 2%PP, 1%EOL

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